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Image by Etty Fidele


Whether you are sitting in intentional ceremony, meditating, or energizing your morning, this plant medicine is a nourishing, stimulating, and sacred heart opener, named 'The Food of the Gods' by ancient Mayan cultures.

You can source high quality pure cacao (or cacao paste) in most health & specialty food shops.
Our favourite comes sustainably & responsibly sourced, prepared with love, from Guatemala by indigenous owned & operated LavaLove Cacao



Serving: one cup of Ceremonial strength Cacao
(Feel free to mix it up with your own preferred spices & superfood additions)



In a blender, add:


• 4.5 tbs. Pure Cacao (40-50g) 

(finely chopped or grated)

• 12 oz Hot Water

(not boiling water, which will burn the medicinal properties of cacao)

• Dash of Cayenne or Chili

• Sprinkle of Ground Cinnamon

• Sprinkle of Ground Cardamom

• Dash of Salt

• Drop of Vanilla
• 0.5 tsp. Tahini

• 0.5 tsp. Coconut Oil 

Sweeten to taste with any:

• agave
• honey

• maple syrup 

• cane sugar
• stevia 


Blend & enjoy!


If not using a blender, you can add everything straight into a small pot. Simmer on the stove to bring in the heat - just before boiling. The cacao will melt into your other ingredients. Stir with a whisk for a gentle blending.

 For a more gentle cup or less-stimulating evening use 2 tbs of cacao (16-20g).

Water-to-cacao ratio can be changed depending how thick you prefer it. 

Sugar can over-power the subtle cacao taste. Begin with less & add as needed.


 If you’re just beginning on your journey with Cacao, you may need to refine and adjust spice levels to taste as you go. Just remember to go slow with the spices, especially the chilli pepper, a friend to blood vessel dilatation leading to reception of energetic flow. However - too much can bite.


Please be aware that the consumption of a full ceremonial-dose cacao (you might just have a few sips instead) is not recommended if you:

- Have heart problems
- Blood pressure issues
- Are on anti-depressants
- Are pregnant


Also please keep Cacao drinks away from Dogs, as they could die if they consume it.



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