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Space Of Love METHOD

About our METHOD

The SPACE OF LOVE METHOD is a comprehensive deep dive into the many ways you can begin to bring a more loving, kind and spacious awareness into your thoughts, words, actions, relationships, and life’s work. It’s a roadmap for cultivating greater clarity, compassion and connection in all aspects of life - a sustainable path of purpose! This is heart-centered thriving! Facilitated by Stephanie Kittell & VJ Bala, this online immersion is self-paced, giving you the freedom to navigate in your own way. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU IF... * You feel stuck or stagnant in work, relationship & life. * You are unclear about your purpose or next steps forward. * You feel trapped in a destructive loop of unhelpful narratives, thoughts & habit patterns. * You’re running on auto-pilot or falling asleep at the wheel of life, and you feel it’s time to wake up. * You are disconnected from your sense of self & disengaged within your communities & relationships. * Whether you know it or not, you’re feeling the call to come home to the heart. * Love is a mystery you’re ready to explore and engage with. Scroll down to discover more... SUMMER SALE: WE'VE TEMPORARILY REDUCED THE INVESTMENT FROM $333 USD TO $111 USD FROM OUR HEARTS TO YOURS!

Price (USD)


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How You Will Grow


* You will discover a greater sense of your purpose with clarity to illuminate & ignite your next steps forward: in work, Love & life.

* You will develop daily self-care practices that support you in nurturing and empowering your body-mind-heart in a sustainable way.

* You will reestablish an intimate connection with your true nature and all life.


* You will cultivate greater compassion for yourself & others.

* You will be better equipped to put that compassion into appropriate action, serving as a living example of Love in your communities.

* You will magnetize more Love in your life!



Included In The Immersion


* Teachings, guided practices, discussions, and explorations (with real-world practical applications), centred around the 6 METHOD pillars:









* 3 hours video content

* 133 minutes audio content

* 88-page course book organized for ease of exploration in digital course platform

* Progress trackers to keep you on the path

* Community support group & forum exclusive to students of this course

* Monthly live heart-to-heart zoom calls, hosted by Steph & VJ, exclusive to course participants

* Secret link to access all video & audio content in one easy place, for you to return to the practices again and again!

* 15% off private guidance session with Steph & VJ



Love In Action


6% of your enrolment fee goes directly to the Space Of Love Foundation, supporting our communities in real time with real heart.

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