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Connect with the Space of Love Collective:

heart-centred alchemists with a diversity of love languages to share.

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sweet samplings of their rich offerings.



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Grant and Jaden are the founders of Bridge the Gap Yoga,  where they are using ancient technology to unlock human potential in the modern world. Their intention is to "bridge" science and spirituality by applying common sense understanding to bring that which is traditional and sacred into the normal and mundane.


They believe that life is meant to be easy, joyous, light, and free, and when it is not, there are practices that we can rely upon to bring us back to this center. Those who know Grant and Jaden, know that they love to sing, dance, and play, while also honoring, with sincerity, the potency of Yogic teaching. They give thanks to those who've come before them and wish to share the medicine of their own experiences with the next generation. OM, namaste. 



"The complete absence of resistance."


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Dira is a spiritual organization that teaches people how to connect to and become a channel of Divine Source Energy.


The vision of Dira is to make a global shift for humanity from separation to Oneness, resulting in the transmutation of vibration of the world and cosmos by teaching all how to channel and embody their light.

In 2019, because of her work, Dira's Founder, Lubna Kharusi, was honoured and appointed by the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman to the State Council: the Upper House of Oman’s Parliament. She is the author of numerous children’s books about love, and has recently published "For Humanity: Volume 1", is a channelled collection of poetry from Divine Source through Lubna Kharusi.





"The vibration in which Divine is known."



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Dee Leborgne is a certified Ayurveda lifestyle consultant and massage therapist, here to support you in learning how to balance your body and mind.


At Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, she is helping her clients to draw on their own inner resources and experience self healing.


For nearly a decade, Dee has been practicing and studying the ancient science of Ayurveda, a 5000 year old healing tradition from ancient India on how to live a “good life”. She is also a yoga teacher and sound healer. 

"I often say, I don't know what love is.

and yet, I sense that Love is all there is." 

"I look forward to meeting you!"





"The greatest mystery and exploration of my life."


Emily Ray Henderson loves magic, cacao, dancing and connecting with nature and the ancient cultures of the world.


She has a lightness of heart that is contagious and works gently but deeply with people through their transformation.


Emily weaves Breathwork, Yoga, Counselling and Coaching, Sacred Ceremony, Reiki, & Massage together through a compassionate and intuitive approach to help people integrate mind, body & spirit to empower, make change, create balance and find inner peace and joy in life.

She is a student of life, drawn to helping others and improving her skills, so that she can be the change she wishes to see in the world.


"A big warm sparkly blanket that wraps every cell and is always here even when we think it's not. ;) "




Izabel & Izaias, founders of Lavalove Cacao, based in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, are trained in the Mayan culture and are practitioners of Mayan cacao ceremonies and fire ceremonies.


They are followers of the Mayan calendar, and offer personalized readings that illuminate your spiritual path.


Izabel is a practitioner of the use of local ancient plants in the Mayan Temascal, and helps women to wake up and gather their dispersed power.


Izaias and Izabel are parents, crazy cacao lovers, and co-founders of USAM – Unidad de Sabiduria Ancestral Milenaria (Unity of Ancestral Millenary Wisdom), an organization that practices traditional Mayan fire ceremonies. 


"A belief of being in the heart (we cannot see, it measures it) that grows in us all the time. It is ourselves, sometimes we forget that it exists. When we feel it inside we have everything because it IS  God/Goddess."



Chris Assaad is a multi-passionate artist, singer- songwriter, wordsmith and speaker. One of the best kept secrets of the conscious music community and an emerging leader in the burgeoning wellness & transformation movement. Chris is a beacon of inspiration and courage for others wanting to follow their hearts and lead a purpose-driven life.


As a heart leader, guide and facilitator, Chris holds a powerful sacred space, blending intuitive guidance, practical tools and multiple healing modalities. Chris also works one on one with clients as well as in group settings, offering his services as a champion and guide, and with a focus on helping participants liberate their voices and find their authentic self-expression in any medium.




"Love is the purest expression of Divinity. God is Love and Love is in our Hearts. We are LOVE at our core and in our truest essence."



Hali has been immersed in the world of yoga since she was a little girl of barely 5 years old, but it was not until her adolescent years that she really began to understand the impact it had on her life. This realization would mark the beginning of a life long study of all aspects of the yoga tradition from the physical to the 'metaphysical'.


She learned 'hatha yoga' and meditation, as well as Sanskrit, yoga history and scripture, which would ultimately  culminate in her life's calling to guide others on their own personal yoga journeys - both as practitioners and as yoga teachers.


During her studies, she encountered the practice of bhakti yoga, which offers the yogi the teachings on how to transform their lives by opening their heart to the fulness of love.  





"That which knows no separation."



Nicole Catenazzi is a Courage Coach and Wellness Mentor with more than 500 hours of training in yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices. She helps heartful souls find their power, potential and peace through offerings that encompass introspective practices like yoga, meditation, and journaling.


Nicole is the creator of the Fearless Heart Method, which teaches you how to stop overthinking and start listening to your hearts' desires so you can get clear on what you want and let go of what's holding you back from your untapped potential.


She also leads intimate retreats and workshops around the world and offers empowering private coaching and mentorship support online. 



"The tapestry that ties our whole universe together. "



Genevieve started her career as an Opera Singer travelling around the world sharing her voice. Through these adventures she began to uncover the beautiful and healing properties of Sound and Music. With this inspiration, Genevieve embarked on her Spiritual Path studying various modalities of Healing including Breathwork, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, QHHT Hypnosis and of course, Sound Therapy.


Her winding path eventually led her to the ancient volcanos of San Marcos Guatemala on Lake Atitlan. This is where she discovered the medicine of Cacao and founded The Heart Center Atitlan, where she shares different healing therapies, ceremonies, workshops and retreats. Through this work, Gen is dedicated to guiding those who are open to finding emotional, physical, mental and spiritual harmony. She believes that through the heart, in its simplicity and magic, is where all healing begins and ends.


"The fabric of the Universe.

It is what binds us all together."

"Love is the bridge between you and everything."


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