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"I came to Space of Love's private coaching to improve my ability to express myself on the outside - my voice and body language - in a way that authentically represented who I am on the inside. 


My intention was to be able to use these skills in my work as a College teacher and entrepreneur, and in my personal relationships. 


I was pleasantly surprised that Steph and VJ took the time to create a completely customized program for me. We worked on skills that got me out of my comfort zone to practice expressing myself, and it all culminated in me doing my first ever Instagram interview live. While there definitely was resistance on my end, Steph and VJ created a safe, nonjudgmental, and fun space for me to challenge what I'm capable of. 


And I'm very grateful for that experience - it's one that will stay with me as a personal story of feeling fearful, taking action anyway, and growing from it. I know this experience and the tangible skills I gained will continue to serve me in business and life. 


Thank you Steph, VJ, and The Space of Love!"


John J, 'Empowered Expression' Student, 2022 

"Working with Stephanie and Space of Love has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the past year, our online sessions have helped me navigate through my most challenging waters.


As a Yogi, Mentor, Spiritual Coach, and Meditation Teacher, Stephanie holds a very safe, authentic and grounded space for self exploration, while guiding you on a journey to explore the totality of you in relation to life itself.


Her ability to meet you where you're at, hold a true Space of Love and offer insight and tools to empower change and growth is absolutely amazing. Focusing on the Foundations of Mindfulness in our sessions has opened my eyes to greater self awareness, compassionate patience, inner-strength, non-attachment and above all freedom from pain from the past.


Her Meditations are my favorite, and they always leave me calmly centered in who I am. Since working together, my personal meditation practice has consistently grown stronger week after week, and I am grateful for all of the energy, skills and knowledge that is offered.


Building a better relationship with myself in the Space of Love has been truly transformational, and I highly recommended working with Stephanie and her team to help you align in a healthy space on your journey of becoming.”


Caitlynn Rainey, Meditation Mentoring Student, 2021-2022 

Uma Movement Therapy

"There were multiple times where I just spoke my mind on what I was feeling, without hesitation. Steph and VJ were there to fully reassure any uncertainties or circling thoughts I was having, as small as they may have been. It was very much appreciated.”


Anonymous, Heart Medicine Journey Retreat Guest, 2022 

“An amazing life changing journey… Steph and VJ both have this beautiful welcoming energy and they were holding the space with such authenticity, love and playful energy… want to come back every year!!"


Anonymous, Heart Medicine Journey Retreat Guest, 2022 

“An immense thank you to you both (VJ & Steph), for creating the space and opportunity that we got to explore and create in, for bringing us into your community and taking great care of us. This is the first time I’ve gotten home from somewhere and immediately wanted to go back, to go deeper, to explore more. So thank you for that. At this point it really is “okay what’s next? Sign me up!”."


Cameron, Heart Medicine Journey Retreat Guest, 2022 

“Stephanie is bright, sharp, sensitive, and deeply devoted to not only helping others, but to understanding them. She’s always displayed a real ability to connect with others and help whenever the need arose. Her self-discipline is something that I find very inspiring. It is my opinion that this yoga community, both local and global, is enriched because of people like Stephanie"


Hali Schwartz, Yoga Educator 2014 – 2022

Yoga Hali

“Stephanie is my motivator, mentor, cheerleader and friend. She has the unique ability of being able to read me within seconds of seeing me and can adjust our practices to what my mind, body and soul need at that moment, without missing a beat. I am a novice yoga soul at best, and have many physical limitations from past injuries. Her amazing character and ability to be both caring and tough throughout the process has not only improved my abilities but also made me fall in love with yoga."


Emma, Private Yoga Student, 2014 – 2018

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