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MARCH 14 - 18, 2022

Hosts & Lead Facilitators:


Guest Facilitators:



Plant Medicine Retreat

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Join us in the magical lake town of Tzunun'a where we will explore the transformation that is brought by each of the elements. We approach our studies holistically, delving into the true nature of being by examining how we resonate with Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

You will be guided through this transformative experience at our home and retreat space in the mystical town of Tzunun'a (Kaqchikel for "Home of the Hummingbird"). You will arise to epic views of Lake Atitlan where you will enjoy the peace and quiet of a true immersion with nature. Our accommodations are rustic (tents) but comfortable (futons, blankets, shelves etc.). 

The natural world is our greatest teacher and our new space is a harmonious co-creation with the Spirits of the land. Purify thyself with Western, Ayurvedic, and Shamanic cleansing techniques and discover the perfection that lies within. Immerse in daily lessons to discover ancient Shamanic teachings.

Each day we will participate in activities that facilitate the purification and harmonization of the elements in the body. Activities Include:

  • Ceremonial Sauna

  • Sacred Medicine Ceremony

  • Yoga / Tai Chi

  • Darshan (Spiritual Lessons)​

  • Plant Baths

  • Nature Hikes​

  • Medicine Music

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Lemongrass Purge

  • ​Cacao Ceremony

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Day 1
Element: Earth

Activities: Yoga, Purge, Darshan, Plant Bath
Description: Grounding... After settling into your space, we will begin our day and our shamanic cleanse with a lemongrass purge. After a light meal we will immerse ourselves into a sound bath accompanied by the plant medicine of Cacao. In the afternoon, we will enjoy a plant bath to prepare us for the following day's festivities.

Day 2
Element: Water

Activities: Yoga, Grandfather Washuma, Plant Bath, Sweat
Description: Creativity & Flow... we will allow ourselves to settle onto and into the land with the assistance of the plant medicine Washuma.  As we hike to our basecamp we will flirt with nature and connect with the Oneness of being.  Our day will conclude with a ceremonial sauna and a sunset plant bath to fully rejoice with the element of Water.



Day 3
Element: Fire

Activities: Yoga, Rest, Plant Bath, Darshan and Grandmother Ayahuasca
Description: Offering.... We will spend much of the morning resting in preparation for our final offering to the land. After breakfast we will have an "aya talk" to field any questions or concerns the group may  In order to court the local spirits we will take plant baths. Finally, we will sit together with Grandmother Aya in ceremony and celebration!

​Day 4
Element: Air

​Activites: Yoga, Sweat, Plant Bath, Tai-Chi, Breath work, Sauna
Description: A full day of rest and restoration. In addition to journaling and sharing about our washuma and ayahuyasca experiences, we will have time to hike, bathe, sweat, practice yoga, tai chi, and come together at night for a sweat. During this epic day of relaxation, we will focus on the Energy of Air, allowing ourselves to be guided by our breath, opening up communication, flowing with movement, and surrendering to the omni-present energy of change.

Banana Leaves


Casa CobAnanda is a regenerative project and retreat oasis meant to nurture the land, strengthen the local community and create a space conducive to healing and celebration.It is nestled in the lakeside Mayan village of Tzununá (Kaqchikel for "Home of the Hummingbird”). Wake up to breath-giving views of Lake Atitlán and surrounding volcanoes, and enjoy the peace and quiet of a true immersion with nature, including walks through the well-loved permaculture gardens - an abundant array of banana trees, coffee, avocado, veggies, tropical flowers, fresh herbs, and more.


Accommodations are sweet and stylish, comfortable, down-to-earth and in harmony with sustainable living, with options to share space or choose privacy (SEE BELOW).


WASHROOMS & SHOWERS: Facilities include shared dry toilets (clean, natural, sustainable, giving back to the Earth) with an epic volcano & lake view; as well as spacious & private outdoor spring-fed solar-powered shower with regular visits from hummingbirds and butterflies. 


WIFI & ELECTRICITY: Available in the common spaces, though we suggest you take the opportunity to unplug digitally and plug in to nature.

LOUNGE SPACES: Hammocks, gardens, ceremonial fire pit, temazcal (sauna), and the spacious outdoor kitchen & lounge offer many places to rest and reflect or connect with your new friends. And the lakeshore is just a short walk away, down a dirt road.


PRACTICE/ CEREMONY PLATFORM: The open-air (with roof) platform is hand crafted with local love from quality teak and bamboo materials, and is outfitted with yoga mats, straps, blocks, cushions, and blankets. The view of the lake and volcanoes is not to be missed. Spirit sings here!


MEALS & BEVERAGES: Nutritious, delicious, vegetarian, homemade with love, well-balanced with quality ingredients, mostly organic, and locally-sourced - often right from the property’s own permaculture gardens! You’ll enjoy three abundant vegan meals per day, with optional snack purchases available any time. A variety of teas, local coffee, and triple-purified drinking water are available throughout the day as you desire.

(double occupancy)

A cozy, grounding and earthy abode made of stone, adobe, and natural materials, with a living roof.

Has electricity & locked doors/windows.

(Triple & Quad occupancy)

 Spacious wood cabins with palm roofs, sun-filled large windows, upper and lower levels (each with own entrance) & private deck. Has electricity & locked doors/windows.

(single occupancy/ double occupancy for couples)

Includes palm palapa (roof) over the tent, mattress and bedding for comfort and warmth - for privacy & a deeper reconnection with Mother Nature. Electricity only in Kitchen/Lounge & Practice/Ceremony Platform. Valuables can be stored in safe in main building.





Through Pura Vidya ('Pure Wisdom of Self'), these life partners & master teachers help allow the two ancient traditions of Yoga & Shamanism to be better understood & more accessible. 

Teaching cleansing techniques in order to quiet the mind and deepen meditation ('by quieting the mind we will live in harmony with our soul's purpose').

"Your spirit carries infinite wisdom.  Release the ego to meet your true self and the true nature of the universe will be revealed."




Guiding heart-centred journeys in Yoga, Movement Arts, Mindfulness, Sound & Song, Natural Living


BFA Film, E-RYT 500, Embodied Arts Movement & Mindfulness Grad, 

100 Hr Sound Ceremony Grad & Facilitator

From: Toronto, Canada

Currently thriving in: Atitlán, Guatemala



Business & Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Musician, Producer, Electrical Engineer & Ethical Entrepreneur

 BSc. Eng, RYT 200,

100 Hr Sound Ceremony Grad

& Facilitator

From: Kolkata, India

Currently thriving in: Toronto, Canada

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